The matter of Doctor Manhattan

Since you don’t get to know this particular kind of superhero, you will still think that there’s hope for humanity, while here you discover that the only useful thing is to consider we all are just as a simple conjunction of particles.

This kind of superhero deals with awareness and will. He’s the one you can’t mess with exactly because already knows deeply the structure not even of every of your possible thoughts but the structure of your mortality itself.

How can you handle to know precisely that everyone and the person you love the most is going to die and you’re stuck in that kind of immortality that doesn’t let you consider nor even feel the flood of mortal/human emotions.

Then you ask yourself in what resides the difference between emotion and sentiment. That is such a good question to analyze reality with, just to understand in what locus Love is and what is it, if Love eXisTenZ (to say it with Cronenberg) is even questionable and what is its necessity, its necessity lives only in the language? So what do we want to express, what are we trying to talk about without being capable, speaking about Love?

For this someone says Love under Will.

but that’s another story.


Una Risposta to “The matter of Doctor Manhattan”

  1. F∴F∴ Says:


    There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.
    Love is the law, Love under will.


    Mi piace


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